About us


  Keum-Gok Community Church is was founded in 1953 by north Korean refugees, during the       

  Korean civil war.  

  The church belongs to the denomination of Korea Evangelical Holiness Church which was          

  established in 1907, and more than three thousands local churches are in membership.  

  The theological background of the church is Wesleyan, holding four-fold gospel;

   Regeneration, Sanctification, Divine Healing and Second Coming of Christ.


  We confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour,

  we are equipped to be effectively dedicated soul-winners,

  and we reach out to the community and to the whole world with the love of Christ.


How to reach to our church?

  right behind the Dong-Gu Administration Office of In-Cheon, Korea.



  Senior Pastor Rev. Lim, Jae-Sung Elders Mr.  Kang, Sung-Gyu

                                                                        Mr.  Han, Do-Hee

  Music pastor Ms.  Jang, Keum-Bok           Mr.  Sohn, In-Seok

Mr. Byun, Cheol-Hwan          Mr.  Jang, Chang-Hwan

Mr.  Lee, Bong-Hyun            Mr.  Yang, Hak-Hee

Ms.  Bark, Young-Sune            Mr.  Yu, Chang-Gon

Ms.  Lee, Kye-Hyang           Mr.  Kim, Joon-Yeol

Mr.  Sohn, Choon-Seung       Mr.  Park, Tak-Soon           

Mr.  Kyung-Yeon-Hwang      Mr.  Jeong, Young-Il            

Mr.  Jeon, Yong-Byung         Mr.  Lee, Sung-Jae

Ms.  Lee, Sun-Jung               Mr.  Yang, Chean-Suek




Worship &Meetings


  Sunday Worship Service

9 am. Adult

11am. Adult (preschool children, children and students at separate rooms)

2 pm. Adult (youth worship at separate room)

  Wednesday Bible Exposition and Prayer

7:30 pm. Together with cell group leaders


  Friday Prayer Night

9 - 11 pm. Together with musicians

  Dawn Prayer Meeting

5 am. Sunday - Friday

(6 am. every first week of the month for men with breakfast)


  Jesus' Disciples College

   Leadership Training Course for three years (two terms a year)


Cell Groups

Abraham Group over 65 year old men

Anna Group over 70 year old women

Sarah Group 65-69 year old women

Bethel Group has seven cell groups

Sharon Group has six cell groups

Hebron Group has six cell groups

Canaan Group has seven cell groups

Jerusalem Group has seven cell groups(men's group)


Sunday Schools

babies class baby angels cell

pre-school children class dreamers cell

elementary school class Timothy cell

junior high school class Joseph 1 cell

senior high school class Joseph 2 cell

youth group class Daniel cell


Day Nursery School

up to 99 children can be accommodated


Disabled Elderly Care Workers' Training Institute

up to 40 trainees can be accommodated



up to 60 disabled elderly persons can be accommodated


Golden Valley Cafe

Meeting and Contact Place for the unbelieving neighbours.

selling coffee and other beverage...


Mission Partners for...

South-East Asia/ Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan etc.

Africa/ Swaziland, Malawi, South Africa etc.

International Seafarers Mission

Immigrant Workers Mission

Police Chaplain

Int'l Airport Mission

Non-self-supported churches

Christian Council of In-Cheon